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ActionGround will change the way you think about email and marketing automation.


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ActionGround is the most complete solution to create beautiful email designs, manage mails and send them out at the best price.

Simply click and send

Make your message stand out, thanks to the guided copywriting and design features, triggering a positive response from your customers.

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See every lead in one place

Sales analytics and automation made simple: see every sales lead in one place, regardless of where it came from.

Templates to get you started

ActionGround is used by everyone from small businesses to fortune 500 companies. Browse our collection of email marketing templates and start sending beautiful campaigns in minutes.

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Build relationships that last

Customers from around the world are building game changing email marketing campaigns.


Pete Fish

CMO at Clear Appeal

ActionGround has taken Clear Appeal to the next level with it's beautiful targetted Marketing Campaigns.


Dolly Watson

Digital Marketer at Time Cop

Wow, what a difference ActionGround has made. My customers are more engaged than ever.


Simon Moriarty

Head of Marketing at Pinnacle Mines

I can't imagine life without ActionGround now, I have no idea how we were surviving before.